Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dapper Diaper Cake

Good evening and greetings from that which was lost and now is found...well not really lost but forgotten for a while.  I've been a busy lady these past months and kind of forgot to prioritize my blog and post all the various creative eats and treats I've been making.  I know, yet again, bad girl *smack on the hand*.  Finally a friend mentioned that they do still watch for posts on my blog and wondered if I was ever going to put anything new on here.  That made me realize that I do have at least one person who checks this baby out so I'd better get my butt in gear and give them something to look at.

Really I do like posting to this page, I just forget now and then to do so.  Anyhow tonight, I had my creative juices flowing and I actually remembered to take pictures as I went so I thought, 'well better time than now to get back in the saddle!'  So here I am!

My mother-in-law, Mom2, asked me to create a diaper cake for a baby shower that she is attending tomorrow.  She said she wasn't sure of the baby's gender as baby is still on the way and the couple wants to be surprised so this is a 'baby-to-be' shower, but she knew that the nursery was going to be grey and yellow.  What an interesting colour combination for a gender neutral nursery..actually I think it's kind of neat and that gave me the idea to do a simple diaper cake with those colours.  Now with limited time and inspiration, I decided to do a three tiered diaper cake with a banner and paper flowers in the colour theme of grey and yellow. I didn't want the cake to be overly girly since baby to be could be a boy, hence the banner idea and, since I don't know the baby's name yet, I decided to use the title of 'wonderful' cause that is what all babies here are some photos of my creative process, enjoy!  I promise not to go so long between posts next time!

the start of the diaper cake, I used 75 sized two diapers for this cake.  p.s. I didn't have enough yellow ribbon so I used yellow washi tape for the top and bottom layer!

This is the start of the flowers for the cake, I made 8 large flowers and 3 smaller ones.

 I can't take the credit for these amazing paper flowers..please check out this link to see a number of tutorials on how to make a variety of beautiful paper flowers  Moments of Tranquilty - flower tutorials and trust me, once you practice with these techniques you will never be without a flower for your papercrafting again!

This is the cake after I added the flowers, but it still needed something on top

I've only just gotten into using banners in my projects since this summer when I made my daughter's birthday cake with a banner..since then I love the unique and fun look they add!

I ran into a problem in that I wasn't sure what to attach my banner to..paper straws to the rescue!!  I had to cover them with grey ribbon to match my cake though

Completed banner...TA DA!!

Doesn't it look great as my cake topper?!

The finished Product, looks good enough to eat!
I am always giddy and impressed when a project comes to fruition and resembles what goes on in my brain. Aside from the diapers, washi tape, inks, and straws..everything you see here came from my Stampin' UP! stash of products.  I love how versatile the products were in creating this added bonus is that as good as this cake looks, it has zero calories :)

Anyhow, that's it from me for the evening.


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