Monday, May 27, 2013

Blessings and Bliss!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I realized something today, 1) that I've been procrastinating on blogging yet again, and 2) that the reason I've been procrastinating isn't because I've been forgetting but because I haven't had the time to post pics and I feel like if I don't post pics, I can't post!  Well, silly me!  After I realized this blunder, I also realized that this is my blog after all and I can post whatever I please...sheesh!  I swear I make more rules and obstacles for myself than anyone could give me.  So here I am, blogging and remembering that the best thing for me is just to BE! 

At work we are doing a Mental Health Challenge for the month of May.  Each day we are asked to record on a Calendar something that we do for our personal mental health and wellness.  I've been dutifully recording my items each day but there are so many things that I overlook in my daily life than can fit on my calendar and I thought I would share some of these items today.  They are my blessings and bliss and by putting them down here, they'll provide me a reminder that I shouldn't take them for granted so much and that I should appreciate them more!  So here's a top 10 for May!

10.  Country Life -  As I was sitting in my newly decorated gazebo at home this weekend, watching the candles flicker in the firebowl, I noticed for the first time this year, how peaceful everything was.  I enjoyed the soft breeze keeping the majority of the mosquitos away, the tinted sky as blues shifted to peaches and purples, and the quiet as the world settled around me.  I took the time to just sit there and enjoy the peace and quiet and be thankful for where I was in that moment.

9.  Wonderfully Warm Weather

8.  Friends

7.  My cell phone - Yes I know it seems silly to love my phone as much as I do, but it's truly a lifeline to my world.  I traveled to Las Vegas for the very first time this month, heck it was the first time I've traveled anywhere that requires a passport (score one for the bucket list!).  I absolutely loved the trip, partly because of the trip itself but also because it was a mother/daughter trip and we need to do more of those!  Anyhow, while I was away my cell phone was the only thing I had with me that kept me in touch with my family and friends, via text, face-timing, Face book, etc. and without it I would have been lost.

6.  Fun, Fasihonable Summer clothing

5.  Gardening

4.  Television

3.  My Mom - I can't thank my mom enough for taking me on a Mother/Daughter trip to Vegas for My birthday!  I don't get to spend enough time with her, she's one of my best friends, and to have a whole week to hang out, connect, and travel with her was honestly what made this trip so worthwhile!

2.  My babies - okay so they aren't babies anymore but a week away from them all really made me appreciate and miss them so much!  I was so happy to come back from my trip and hang out with them, enjoy their smiles, their laughter, and their love!

1.  My husband - yes my hubby wins the appreciation award for the month of May!  He looked after everything while I was gone, he still made me feel special for the entire month (which he usually refers to as my Birthday Month!), we got to spend some quality time together while I kicked his butt at cards, and I just simply enjoyed our quiet moments together this month.  I know I take him for granted a lot and this was definitely a month where I appreciated him and what he does for our family!

So that's it, my top 10 for May!  Maybe I'll do another top 10 next month, maybe not..either way I hope I remember to keep blogging whether I post pics or not, because this is as much a part of my creative flow as the crafts, baking, and cards I post!

What do you do for your Mental Health and Wellness?  What is your top 10 this month?  Feel free to share!!


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