Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Go All Night Recap!

Oh my gosh...I am so tired and stiff today and it's two days AFTER the 6th Annual Go All Night Crop Fundraiser!  It was such a blast but people don't realize how hard on a growing girl's body all that cropping can be LOL.  I was on my feet most of the weekend, I stayed up late, I helped to run various raffles, taught a Mixed Media Canvas class, visited with 48 other Amazing crafters, and I got 11 layouts done ( I think that was the most amazing thing of all with all the crazy busyness!).

some of the prep work for the Mixed Media Canvas class I taught

One of the finished canvases

I won this tape gun in the silent auction!  Makes me feel like a secret agent..or super crafter LOL!

One of my fave layouts I finished

Another layout I loved!
We had a Tiki Bar with Yummy Non-Alcoholic Daiquiris..I had two..they were soo good!

This is only half of the room we were in.  This place was packed to the nines!
Here are some highlights from this wonderful weekend. We had 49 crafters, 5 vendors, 3 project classes, and 42 hours of Scrapbooking Heaven, to say the least.  I haven't even mentioned all of our relaxation services, Silent Auction and Brown Bag Deals, and Raffles galore.  Seriously it was like Nirvana for Crafters! We may just be a small community but we go BIG or go home and in this case, none of us wanted to go home!  I think I am in for some serious withdrawals after all the planning, organizing, prepping, and just plain fun I've had these past 6 months to get ready for this event and now that it's all said and done, I kinda can't wait for the next one! 

But until then..I will keep crafting, creating, and sharing!


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