Thursday, February 14, 2013

Just gotta multitask!

Hey Everyone,

So I realized something last night as I was watching t.v. and catching up on my many PVR'ed episodes of 'Nashville', 'CSI', and 'Criminial Minds'...I am incapable of just watching t.v!  I can't just sit there and focus fully on the show I am watching.  Either I am reading a magazine, playing on my tablet, writing down a new to-do list, folding laundry, or in the case of last night, knitting.  I am addicted to multitasking or I just don't feel like I've made productive use of my time.

Anyhow, last night I was knitting and what I was knitting was one of those decorative ribbon scarves that I've seen so many ladies in my community wearing lately.  Turns out these scarves are surprisingly easy to make and I can finish one scarf in about three episodes..ahem I mean three hours *L*.  They are so pretty and come in so many fun colors.  I've made three already and I've ordered yarn so I can make five more!  Here's a picture of the one I just finished and the yarn I plan on using for a new one!

I'm thinking if I make enough of these, I might show them off/sell them at an upcoming Crop event..but we'll see how far I get with that idea.  Considering how easy they are to make, I feel guilty charging anything crazy for them and I wouldn't either.  Just gotta say, before I knew how to make them I bought three of these off of someone else and paid over 5x the cost of making them!!  YIKES!

Anyhow, that's all I wanted to share today.  I have some more t.v. to catch up on, since this is my week off of work so I'm sure I'll get a lot more done :)


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